Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Divas Dudes and Doodlebugs!! Michelle Marti's music class! 11/12/2011

Darian has been taking a music class in Fishers on Saturday mornings for the past 6 weeks or so!!  He loves it, and we do too!!  The class focuses on a wide variety of musical styles, and is geared towards early childhood development.  It's a very interactive class, but super relaxed, and the children are encouraged to participate in any way that they want.  Of course Darian loves the fact that Miss Michelle plays the guitar during much of the class!  He also loves that they get to play several instruments during class, as well as dance and sing!
 Playing with mommy before class.

 Getting ready for class to start!

 During the first song everyone gets to play Maracas.
 "Hop old squirrel..." They get to bounce their 'pet' squirrels during this one, then rock them to sleep when they get tired from all the bouncing! :)
 "Pick it, pick it up...pick it up!" 

 We were marching to the beat around the imaginary apple tree during this number!

 Cuddling my little man during a relaxing lullaby!

 Miss Michelle doing a Tango with Journey
 Mommy and Dee...Tango Time!

 'Ring around the rosey...'
 'They all fall down!'

 Instrument time!

 Bubble Time!!
 Journey and her mommy, winding down with a lullaby.

 Whiskey Frisky ends the class by telling everyone goodbye..and nibbling their toes! ;)
If your children love music as much as ours, I would highly recommend getting them in a class at Divas Dudes and Doodlebugs!  It is extremely affordable and oh so much fun!  Darian looks forward to it every week!!  We even have to use it to keep him in line, "Darian...if you don't start listening you won't be able to go to music class this week!"  Works well. :)  Warning will be singing the songs in your head all day at work!! :)  Check out her website (below) for more info!

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